Northern Highbush Blueberry plantation


In 1992, we planted the first bushes on the 1-hectare Pszczyna forest buffer zone. Northern Highbush Blueberry is grown in natural conditions, on plots adjacent to the forest. Many years of work have resulted in broad experience in growing this excellent, but very demanding plant.

At present, we successfully manage the cultivation on the area of 5 hectares. Our fruit is picked by selected pickers only manually, then it is weighed and packed. An hour after picking it is transferred to a cooling room in order to ensure optimum storage conditions. The fruit is picked 24-48 hours before the delivery because we always ensure that it always looks attractive, as well as it is juicy and fresh.

The fruit is delivered to recipients by a refrigerated lorry. Our professionalism and ecological approach at every stage of Northern Highbush Blueberry production are guaranteed by the globalgap certificate.

This excellent fruit is best for:

  • direct consumption,
  • desserts, cakes, ice-creams, jellies,
  • fruit preserves, jams, compotes, cocktails etc.
  • freezing – after defrosting it does not release juices, therefore it preserves its original looks and full nutritional value.


Northern Highbush Blueberry is rich in vitamins C, A, B1, B2 and PP as well as iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and pectins.

It has been confirmed that blueberries improve visual acuity after dusk, and numerous small seeds in the flesh have a positive effect on the function of the alimentary tract.

Blueberries also include antioxidants, therefore they are an excellent choice in cancer prophylaxis.

Moreover, they inhibit the process of ageing.

Our offer comprises the following varieties of Northern Highbush Blueberry:

  • Bluecrop,
  • Darrow,
  • Blueray,
  • Earlyblue,
  • Nelson

We are a retailer and a wholesaler of these products.

The fruit is delivered on pallets in special packs from 0.25 kg to 3kg.